Daily Archives: November 6, 2020

Come back China say goodbye to my second home.🏠

The epidemic situation in Europe is getting more and more serious, making it only possible to plan to return home in advance.🌃To Serbia I am full of all kinds of reluctance and good memories. I am very grateful for the good time spent with the landlord. They treat me like a family member.👪

I am very reluctant to be separated from them, my door and the plants in the room, I like the flowers and plants that often bring me a good mood, and then I planted a tree in the yard. The landlord said that the next time I came to Serbia, the tree grew very tall🌳. The landlord’s wife and little granddaughter cried many times. Her father told me that if you tell her you will not return to Serbia, she will cry for 2-3 days. Before I returned, the landlord chose a commemorative gift and wrote good wishes. I also bought various gifts for them. The epidemic hopes their families will be safe and happy!🌺