Guangwai World Culture Festival”The 7thWorld Culture Festival”🍜

This is the world cultural festival held by our school, adhering to our school’s motto of “Mingde virtuous, learning Chinese and Western”, to build a harmonious and friendly, highly international campus.
The event was divided into three parts: “World Cultural Journey-Lectures on Foreign Cultures”, “World Food Corridor” and “World Cultural Festival Gala”.
All lectures are given by foreign students of our school. Here, you can learn about the cultures of the five continents without leaving home. It will take you to appreciate the unique charm of cultures in different countries and regions.


Most of the foreign friends in it are life, because I often meet very good foreign friends at the North Gate of Guangwai, and then slowly start to speak English. Sometimes we 5-6 people will gather together to play killing games.Everyone had a great time at the food festival. I took a lot of pictures, danced music, played drums, and performed various performances. There were also foods and cultures from different countries. It’s so wonderful…🍜

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