Serbia nice trip at Zemun town.

Zemun  is a historical town and one of the 17 municipalities which constitute the City of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Before 1934, it was a town separate from Belgrade. The development of New Belgrade in the late 20th century joined them together in a continuous urban area. In ancient times, the Celtic and Roman settlement was known as Taurunum. The Frankish chroniclers of the Crusades mentioned it as Mallevila, a toponym from the 9th century.

Zemun tower take picture looking really beautiful
We got Serbia Belgrade Taxi Pink Brans about 800din fist times at Zemun tower downstairs take a picture
Also at Zemun tower take photo downstair they are very enjoy coffee and talking
Zemun be full of color a town i like it

Yep Evevbody konw Zemun nearly the Danube beauty pigeon and swan so cute

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