Why earth have downpour ?

Why earth have downpour maybe everybody don’t know.Earth if don’t have water maybe everyone can’t life,So sometimes peoples need downpour as long as have water someone can life.I need go out city most see again see earth maybe have a some news,You know if you in desert now maybe will know water is best important,Be cause many people life comfortable environment,Don’t outside things this is very afraid things,But now so help me often go out see outside,Maybe have a smart insight this earth is fair everyone is and everyday need eat some food need sleeping,But after some people stay everyday study I think this people future will succeed,Some guys feeling everyday is so boring everywhere find some thing take,Maybe sometimes go to shopping sometimes go to Tonight club,Everyday just enjoy some games I don’t  this people future will it is?I feeling sure thing don’t nice.Same life earth same times take some things why over have’t also,Maybe everyone need consider.

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