GuangZhou life and work💻

My first time go another city, my brother-in-law took me to the bus station, slept in the bus for twelve hours and finally arrived in Guangzhou,My granddaughter come bus-station meeting me,Remember at Tianhe Bus Terminal,Everything is strange, very happy when I met my granddaughter.

Vking we office guys
Pearl River

She took me to buy a subway ticket, and then put her luggage in her dormitory, she arranged for me to live in her male colleague’s dormitory.I was able to take a good night’s rest. The next day, I found an apartment and paid for 7 days. In the first three days, I went to visit with my granddaughter and visited all the most lively addresses in Guangzhou.In the next four days, I started looking for a job. A women’s clothing company invited me to interview. It was raining that day. I bought an umbrella out of the subway, but it was blown by the strong wind,Maybe because I cherish my work very much, I got in.

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