I quit my first job in Guangzhou that year💼

There are two reasons for changing jobs. Before I took me as a designer, I was right. If you want to make a good women’s dress, you must integrate yourself into the world of women, so that men will become very choking.The second is because I want to start my own business and open a Taobao shop to buy my own clothes๏ผŒThere is also a good environment to learn English.

Photos taken in the office
Shamian’s own online store products
Shamian’s own online store products

Li Yang’s crazy English is all the rage,My second job is next to Li Yang Crazy English Headquarters and I plan to learn English,I met Xiao Jiang in the new company, others took good care of me, and then he fully cooperated with me to develop clothes. That year we created a lot of hot products for the company. The company’s previous performance was very poor. The company worked hard for both of us. Made a lot of money.Then many markets in Guangzhou are full of products of my design, and my main series is horizontal short sleeves.

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