My best friends go back your country.

I don’t know what time will meet he,First meet he in school restaurant Qinyayuan,This guys It’s so cute I listen another guys say him Ideal same trees a stem,Together me first lunch after we will be friends each other.After us sometimes meet 7 building sometimes meet library,He have a crazy ideal have a time I just go out library gate go to my dorm in library lobby meet he,I ask he what are you doing here?He answer me wait under some people go back they are dorm,I need in to library -1F whole night find myself this moment I feel this guys it’s very crazy.Still talk me this week him don’t sleeping everyday in here find myself.Before he talk me like philosophy I also like it,Sometimes we are talk about philosophy subject him have different ideal my have me different ideal conversation is very interesting,But before I English is really poor just say hi see you..

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  1. Melati :

    Is it the man you married now?

    1. Patrik Taylor Post author :

      nop dude just my best friends.

    1. Patrik Taylor Post author :


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