The first entrepreneurial failure😭

Summing up, I said that I had insufficient experience and I did n’t understand how to let Quan form a team to work together.I know how to promote, so business is getting more and more appointments, more and more orders are coming, we are busy from morning till night, and we have no time to eat. I was so excited that I couldn’t do it at night, but my body was in trouble.

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I feel very sorry. In fact, it was very good sales and promotion together. At that time, I called a classmate to come and help me. At that time, there were too many orders every day. Eating irregularly.The resources I have are particularly rich, because I am the person in charge of the Taobao forum website, and many people provide resources for free. Everyone thinks that I am an insider of Taobao. At that time, I was able to sum up a lot of traffic. I once again called the entire website to all the celebrities and classmates. I gave the task to my subordinates, and the result was less than half an hour. Several groups were full of people, and then the management staff of Taobao headquarters specially came to me, and what happened directly shocked the entire Taobao.I owe me to give up at home because my mother does n’t know what I ’m doing e-commerce at all, she does n’t understand it at all, she just hopes that I ’m in good health, and then I want to keep going, and after a few weeks I start at 5 pm every day I have a fever around, maybe I am too busy to take a rest, and the pressure is particularly great. I think that I ca n’t choose to give up after a week. Maybe my mother is the right body. It is a big regret in my life.

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