New year’s day Dafu Mountain Bike Ride🚴‍♀️🚴

I with before my workmate and she brother yang sister together go Dafu Mountain Bike Ride,I call she mane stupid Qing and she call me stupid Xing,Just Interesting title,I’m in a group of two, I and stupid Qing one grup.

Dafu Mountain

We have been riding smoothly, the weather is fine, the weather is also very good. Then everyone rested on the lawn for half an hour, chatting and looking at the sky. Then, we have to get down another road that has just passed the barbecue area. This road is very downhill. We let go and rushed down the wind, and suddenly rushed out of the electric car halfway, I quickly turned my head and rushed into the lawn, both of them fell, her head was hit by a bag, and my arm was flowing Blood, damn electric cars are a mess. Fortunately, we have no major problems. When we returned to the bicycle, I wanted to take her to the hospital for observation. She was rejected by her, and then I went home.It ’s an unforgettable New Year ’s Day!

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