Nearly like found before myself.

In this school study 2 years,Almost times in library cost reading also English books,How’s myself future will but I’m really don’t know?Just know I will still keep up study English everyday I know only life in the moment all it’s right,I think only do a things persist to laster will do it successful.Fist want learn English about five years old,Maybe than times in movie saw some China guys talk English I feeling this is really so cool,Future I will same him can say so much English,Before just feel so cool and crazy ideal,Wait some years I still go to do it,Remember have a trip with my design friends together go to HongKong play,This is amazing holiday I think feeling HongKong is really so beautiful I like go shopping and here have more shopping centre we are take some photos,Have day we are want to ShiDai shopping center look at some clothes I asked a beautiful girls,Just say hello this girl look likes American girls her answer me hello late I really don’t know say something,Since HongKong go back GuangZhou after I persister want study English I know will very hard as long as keep think I do it.

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