Dragon Boat Festival Guangzhou Beach Swimming, Men’s World …

My favorite swimming pool is the Pearl River, where there is an artificial beach 🏖️It’s more fun, and there are many beautiful girls.Outside is the Pearl River, known as the Mother River in Guangzhou. These are colleagues who used to work.

feeling better

At that time, I made a life plan at school. Swimming is one of my plans 🏊It’s hard to imagine that I grew up by the seaside and couldn’t swim. My mom never let us get close to the seaside, because our sea is very deep and people are often drowning. It is also because our parents are trying to protect us from guessing that we keep a certain distance from the sea.I bought a set of professional swimming equipment, Speedo, I will be very committed to what I want to do and I can’t do it.Swimming pants glasses hat.

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