I took the car driving license test from 2013🚗

I am very sad that Guangzhou people have too many people to queue up for an exam for half a year, and the coach who taught me is ready to change, so he is very coping with his teaching work.I was very confident in the first test of the second subject, and the whole class also went smoothly to the end of the car dumping. A coach who took the exam actually cheated and broke my car.

Fengan Driving School
Guangzhou Cencun Automobile Testing Room
Strawberry farm

I will never forget how that person can do such a morally sorry thing, and then I thought about it later. If I get a driver’s license too early, maybe I will hit someone or have a car accident, maybe to comfort myself. Passing the strawberry garden, I specially took photos to record the mood at that time, and the whole exam was unlucky. The five exams behind were all shadowed and failed.This experience has hit my life very hard…🤣

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