dragon went to study in Tokyo, Japan🇯🇵

The three of us are Guangwai Three Musketeers. Before we lived in the study dormitory, we all got up early. At that time, I got up at five o’clock every day. I paid for the bed for two people. One room, you just started to get up at 4 in the morning, and then started fishing and dozing off at the end of the class. In the next few weeks, I felt wrong and adjusted the time to 5-6 to get up and read in the morning.

Library entrance
Pearl River Bridge
School entrance,

I was very sad when he left. I felt that I didn’t have a good partner to study. Later, I spent a day with a group of graduate students and met a good friend from South Africa.This set of pictures was taken for me before he went to Japan. I remembered that at six o’clock in the morning I drove him to the airport with Meng Cong. He brought three large boxes full of dry goods.

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