Remember life in the moment.

As long as remember everyday life in the moment,If you knock some terrible things have can will down a bad life,This year my first meet so many bad things before feeling everybody all is bad and knock something don’t like feeling life suddenly so hard.Remember I know it,Must change now situation I try a lot of times and reading more about heavy-hearted books,I know maybe is heavy-hearted ill,I need face to face treat god give me all things bad or nice.I learned grateful give way a few hope learned want love myself,I ideal every times miss some i’m feeling so fear and frightened,Upset every times only take some thing ability stop mess ideal I hate this feeling just want crazy,This mountain beauty sport is very nice,Before just climbing wait me feel tired will feeling best,This day I will don’t forget this moment.We are climb peak meet big statue of Buddha,I to Buddha pray after I buy a little Buddha wear,Downhill look likes Buddha talk me a things I keeping read out Buddhist scripture,Thanks Buddha give me new life and thanks my a friends with me went to FoShan climb mountain Don’t think future things just life in the moment.

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