Meet her at the college playground👧

I remember I just went to school about half a year. I remember the class ended on the afternoon of June 4, 2014. Good weather. I returned to the dormitory and asked Zhang Yu to run together. There are two girls playing badminton next to the playground 🏸️.Zhang Yu said that he went in to kill them in minutes and minutes, so I said go and kill them, and then he would say hello in the past. Can I participate in badminton? They hesitated and I said that he was very skilled, but they agreed. The first time I met her, I thought she was a Filipino, and she looked good.

she back
bus station

Then we met. One day, I met her at the cafeteria and greeted each other. At the beginning of the second semester, I just went out to eat outside the university, and then she came back to school with a suitcase. Her dormitory and library are facing the same direction. We chatted and reached the dormitory where she lived. When I left, I handed her a business card of designer brand.Later she added me qq,The second time I met in the school cafeteria, she said that she would go to see her grandmother on National Day. I said that I would take you to the station every day.

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