Lu Yao’s life books inspired quite a lot.📚

The ideal is lost in value outside reality. Although the path of life is long, it is often only a few steps, especially when people are young. No one โ€™s life path is straight, there are no forks, such as political forks , A fork in your career, a fork in your personal life, you take the wrong step, it can affect a period of life, it can also affect your life. “It is often said that floating high, falling hard. No matter what time comes, you can’t lose yourself. People always like to pursue new things, but they forget that they already have the best and cherish the people before them. No one can predict what the future will be like, life is like this, and it doesn’t have to be too entangled in this. It is enough to do the present moment!

Bookmarks I made myself 🔖

After reading this book, I continued to look at Lu Yao’s personal self-sufficiency. I was very shocked in my life and took life to write. There is also an ordinary world very good, Chen Shaoping and Chen Shaoan brothers.

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