Panyu Ice and Snow World❄️

She came to Guangzhou from Zhongshan on the weekend. I always like to find some interesting and special places to go with her. We are all going to Ice World for the first time, and then changed the subway, and then changed the bus. After coming out, it was a village. We use Google Maps to find the address, and then walk according to the above index. After passing through a ruin, she had no one in front, let’s go back! I still insist on continuing to look forward, and then I saw the Ice and Snow World Billboard, we are very happy.

I was very happy, but she took photos of me and didn’t concentrate. Then I was angry. This time, it was really me who was wrong.Then it was a little unpleasant. Later, when I heard the music, I started to dance like a lunatic again. On the whole, we enjoyed every time we went out to play…

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