Quit foreign trade work for the second entrepreneurship

One day my company came back from work and met with classmates to meet and discuss a project. Within half an hour, he decided to try it.I told him to create an app software to be responsible for delivering sunrise supplies, beverages, fruits and foods, and to provide assistance to college students. They will be sent downstairs or teaching buildings within half an hour.

Then we started to think about the software name, and then we chose Dudu supermarket.We prepared a month to build the app software, and then put the product on the Internet cafe overnight for a week. I designed a set of flyers and printed 3,000 copies, as well as software posters.We talked about cooperation with the school โ€™s supermarket and restaurant, and then one night we knocked on the door from the dormitory on the fifth floor of the school to each bedroom on the first floor to send a leaflet. , Cigarettes, beverages, materials, registered members also immediately increased to more than 100 people.I told Zhang Yu that if the software does not have many orders for pictures in a week, we will resolutely close this venture.In fact, I still think it is very regrettable, because we are too anxious to succeed. If we keep doing it, I believe it should be very good now. What a pity…..

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