I started to create a clothing company, and this is my third business venture.

The three of us were all students studying at the University of Foreign Trade and Foreign Languages. I remember Long Teng returned from studying in Japan. He said that unfortunately he did not pass the University of Tokyo so he came back. We chatted in the school hotel for a few nights. I took them on the last night. It seems the company venue.

The rent of this site is quite expensive in January 2000. I remember that we had a very late chat with the landlord of the office that day. We signed the contract that night.The company name is Song Guiquan, and one of our shareholders took the logo and trademark that I designed.Li Donghong was the first employee we recruited. She and I are from the same province. She is very good. She has been working with me afterwards. As a design assistant, she is very smart and very hardworking. Into this team, and later hired a male assistant. We were a small team of 8 people, three designers and two assistants.

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