New office after moving company

After a year of development and design, the sales were not very satisfactory. We had a smaller office.There is a national chain brand KM men’s clothing that looks at many styles we have developed, but their capital flow is so great that we cannot reach good cooperation. Finally, I chose to abandon the cooperation, and one year of development was broken everywhere. Customers in the market successively bought thousands of clothes.The tanks and hardships that have been full of these two years, people who have never created a career will never understand the pain in my heart. It seems that my failure in my career is destined to lose my lover once, and it should be proved every time.

This time when the company moved over, we reorganized the team and I called my factory friends to join us. We just formed a team of 5 people from Journey to the West, exaggerating the scale several times from last year.

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