We broke up💗

Just that day was April Fool โ€™s Day and Saturday. I went to the company to find her. The original failure of the company was completely tarnished. Then she said that I was invited to eat together.It turned out that she had been ready for a long time, probably because she couldn’t make up her mind.

My family once urged us to get married, we have discussed this issue, mainly because our two cities are too far apart, she can’t bear family and friends, my mother can’t bear me to run so far, has been delaying this may be my entrepreneur Very busy but excuse it! Mainly because I have too many things, people have limited energy, I will ignore my family for my career, I will ignore my career for my family.She told me that we are getting more and more frustrated together. I want to take a break and return all my things to me. I was stunned, I wanted to cry, but not cry.I said it โ€™s okay, then you take a rest, keep the things you gave you, if you do nโ€™t want you to find a place to bury, then her tears will shed, I help her wipe the tears off work the day I am afraid she will be distracted I was hit by a car on the road, so I chose to send her back to my house and went to see her safely downstairs before I left.After the company closed down, my girlfriend left me. This is the worst day of my life. I was very uncomfortable on the way back. Why did this happen to me?

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