Days after breakup and failure

After returning home, nothing happened. I sleep in the dorm every day. Suddenly I contacted my mother one day. I cried and felt that I was always a child in front of my mother. I told her everything. My mother also cried.She told me that this is life, and everything was created by myselfโ€ฆ

Baiyun Mountain

The next day, I spent every day in the library, swimming pool, Baiyun Mountain, reading books and gym. I don’t think I can think about everything before I am busy. Maybe this is what people call the recovery period. The difficulty that won’t kill me, everything will make me stronger.I have also forgotten how long such a day has passed. Although life is hard but it still needs to continue, my mother said that you should go for a job.Yes, I want to stand up again..⛽️

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