Transform like an eagle, cheer up the men.🦅

I rode more than 100 kilometers back and forth with my little friend in two days, and I really felt the customs of Greater Guangzhou, which is a very good experience in life. 💪💪💪 Guangzhou Stadium-Baiyun Conference Center-Baiyun District West Gate-Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Haizhu Bridge-Jinyue Xuan Yue Cuisine-Red Street Lamp-Nanyue King Memorial Hall-Yuexiu Park-Baiyun Leather City-Guangyuan Cultural Commercial Street-Old Railroad Track-Baiyun Peak๏ผŒTiandu Business Building-Country Garden-Nanpu Waterfront-Orchard Farm-Xiyidukou-Diandu De-Haizhu Vankeli-Changgang Standard International-Universal Outlets๏ผŒDafu Mountain Forest Park-Ice and Snow World-Tingen Elementary School-Panyu Museum-Golden Valley-Xinfu Binfen World-Guangzhou Chimelong Resortใ€‚

These two days of riding feel very good. People will go out to experience nature and will find many beautiful things and insights.I myself love nature very much,Human beings are all very simple and kind because of the innocence and original ecology of the distant nature.

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