China Hot Springs First Stream🇨🇳

The sister of the four uncles is engaged, and our brothers and sisters go to the hot spring together.That morning I went to see the oranges and passion fruit pomegranates in the orchard I planted. It did nโ€™t take long for my uncle โ€™s sister to call me for information and then we drove to Minhou together by the roadside.

It has been open for more than 2 hours, and this is my first time to visit this city, but the scenery is quite good. We finished the night, rested one night and continued to go to the city to play games the next day 🎮. The hot springs in the mountains are very comfortable and the water quality is very good. There are many pools with different temperatures. People who went to that day can also play for us for 2 hours and come back to find a place to eat supper together.

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