I went to Zhongshan Galanz

One night I woke up suddenly, and I decided to pack my things and lie in Zhongshan. At midnight that night, I turned on the lights to pack my things. When dawn came, I picked up two trolley cases and set off for a big one.I am a very efficient person. I think about it and act immediately. Sometimes I really want to be a lunatic.

I arrived at Zhongshan Galanz. I lived in a nearby hotel and then recently entered Galanz. That โ€™s right. This is where my ex-girlfriend went to work.If I did nโ€™t disturb her, I was not used to it at first and no friends felt that it was too remote. I did nโ€™t get used to eating and living. Fortunately, a good boss taught me a lot.I’m sure to get used to it in the shortest time. After a week, I suddenly went to the cafeteria to eat and came back to meet her. She was surprised to say hello to me. I also responded to the greeting and went back to work.

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