Xiaba Village is beautiful at night, and folk songs are very nice.🌃

After we met, we started to walk around. At that time, it was dark and turned around. The day started to get dark, and the music rang.I took a lot of photos and felt very artistic.

Then we find a family with the best atmosphere and eat and watch the show.I like this kind of folk music, which always gives people a sense of relaxation.We met two beautiful women at the table next door. They spoke Chaoshan dialect. One of our friends was a Chaoshan native, and they started talking.In this way, we met two beautiful women. After lunch, we went to the night show to drink beer. Then everyone added WeChat. One of them actually sat next to me called Li Jieru. Too late in the future, we sent them two to the car first, and then the three of us went to the hotel to sleep, and the next day went to the bird’s paradise.

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