The best girl friend in studying abroad👧

She returned to Japan after graduation. In 2017, she suddenly came to Hong Kong to play again. Then she arranged a time to come to Guangzhou to see me. That day she lived in a hotel in Guangzhou East Station. It ’s not good to speak at noon but it ’s great to type in Chinese, and then I basically do n’t know Japanese, and then we communicate in simple English.

That day we were eating hot pot with her in a hot pot restaurant near East Station, and then she was very happy to show me a lot of fun and fresh things in Japan. She was still as fashionable and beautiful as before, she said she wanted to invite me to play in Japan, It will be fun for her brother to come back to study too late.I am very happy to receive the greeting card. China has not found this model to bless it. Then I also prepared a greeting card carefully, remembering to Japan to hope that she can receive it completely.She used to be one of the players who completed 7 days and 7 nights in the Sahara Desert and was also featured in a famous Japanese newspaper.Hope next time we meet in the Sahara desert 🏜️

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