First reading have what feeling..

Before i learn reading remember first books name is “How to Win Friends and Influence Peopleโ€Before a lot of times on the bus reading because everyday busy working,Just finished working after is my free times and by bus also have free times,Every times by bus some people listening music some people really don’t know do what!Maybe just look at bus winding outside building and road tree anythings,But me have one times got bus why more people same did this things,Maybe by bus reading books have a little stupid but now thinking a little cute,Maybe some people think is good ideal because have more people don’t know do what just stand and seat,But now phone change them things,I think all young man and young girl all play phone somebody reading somebody play games,First books on by bus and go back my dorm over all.I think books give me so many things and ideal books will teach me how do anythings,Thanks it give more things after now have unhappy things happened maybe reading books it’s good job and teach me how live and speak ideal more…I think every books it’s every writers spent all life times sun up things,As long as you understand reading in good words think got ideal anybody can got hard power for myself.This is in my life first reading over books.

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