Dear Serbia, I’m here🇷🇸✈️ 💶

17 hours Guangzhou to Moscow and change to Belgrade what so crazy.

Nikola Tesla Airport (Аеродром Никола Тесла Београд)
Baiyun Airport

Before this tour, everything started before the end, so the whole person was very relaxed and very happy.I have prepared all the places I want to go every day, and now Belgrade starts to play.There are so many beautiful women in Serbia, all of them have beautiful bodies and very good health. The locals are very friendly and the food is very delicious. I was reluctant to go back at that time. I once talked to my girlfriend and wanted to buy a piece of land in Australia. It is full of flowers and fruits. Then there is a library that belongs to me. I travel abroad several times a year, and stay at home for the rest of my time to study my favorite things, piano paintings, etc.

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