Very exciting and memorable skydiving✈️

Tomorrow is the last day of the trip. I contacted the skydiver that night, but I do nโ€™t know if the weather will be able to jump tomorrow. I planned the route to Novi Sad myself. I already got on the bus to Novi Sad that day. , The bus drove for half an hour and suddenly said it was time to parachute. I actually got off the train halfway.

He said I waited at the bus stop and drove to pick me up in about half an hour. I chatted with a Serbian girl at the bus stop. She was carrying a volleyball and was going to train a tall man. She told me she played volleyball for 10 years , And then we added ins and introduced software for playing music in Serbia to me. Only later did she realize that she was a volleyball national player. Later I received a 1.5-hour high-speed drive and finally reached the skydiving ground.I am very excited to have a video record of the whole process. I was really scared when I started to jump down at a height of 3000 meters. When I jumped back in the back, I was very relaxed and hung in the sky. Then, the rope on hand could control the direction. .

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