Wooden House Village 🏠 Drina River House, Train No. 8, “Wood House” 🏡 movie.

The first time I went to Timber City was tossing. I was not familiar with the route and almost drove up to the top of the mountain.


The road is beautiful but most of them are detours in the mountains. If you drive, you should pay attention to Baidu will take a play on the mountain and run the right way. First pass the observation deck and then get off to take some landscape photos, and then pass the river hut. It is really shocking to sit in the hut. After having lunch at the restaurant next to the hotel, we continued to walk towards the direction of Wood City. When we arrived at 8 good trains and cabins, we thought that it was really not easy to build so many wooden houses for a movie. Each house has a different appearance and modeling.

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