I got new Boxing equipment🥊

Last year I want buy some special equipment,I think I ran the Belgrade big mall circle again,Serbia buy something so difficult something so easy,Because I think at my country buy anythings really easy first have this felling.🇨🇳

Dejan and Patrik
New Equipment

Maybe I still integration into Serbian life and culture or not knowing Serbia enough.So go inter shop buy boxing equipment,I need pay some money to someone,They come back Serbia and bring my equipment together,Virus time airport stop nobody can come back,I just waiting 3-5 mouth later i got it,Thanks so much.

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  1. Lvtu :

    So yellow so force …

    1. Patrik Taylor Post author :

      Hahaha,Thank you.. Virus time hobby.

      1. Lvtu :

        What a great hobby!

        1. Patrik Taylor Post author :

          Yes,Dude if you have time you can try it,It’s so funny training…

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