Weekend we always go ride bike and swimming 🚴 🏊

I think this two mouth weekend we always go ride bike and swimming,So like change place ride bike,One time change one places. 🚴🚴‍♀️ We want to Block 70 / Ada island /Zemun road /Save river /Danube river…

My flower.
We take picture
We go BBQ
New church inside so beautiful

We also go Ada island swimming /Hollywood pool / stadium pool /Zemun river swimming.🏊‍♀️🏊 Serbia people they so enjoy Weekend time,They don’t work just enjoy coffee time or family time.Younger waiting Friday they are free yourself,They will go club play or coffee shop with friends talk and drink,They will choose to go to nearby towns or beach attractions exclusively … 🏖️⛱️I feel as if I have integrated into their lives now.. 🍷🍺 They country Orthodox Sunday morning 9am they will bring child and parents go church worship.⛪️ But leaning a little about Orthodox how to worship and buy some Orthodox priest.They singing and talking I just listening and watching.Enjoy everything…

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  1. Lvtu :

    Great weekend ……

    1. Patrik Taylor Post author :

      Thank you dude..

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