Serbia singer star concert at Ada Ciganlija🎵🎤🌃

That’s amazing night,We so happy play music.Tonight have three group one group singing one hours,My friends talk me big star at Serbia because they country so small.

We finished dinner so early and drive car fine Ada Ciganlija parking,We walk 1km and waiting music Start,They need check everybody temperature and wear mask.Go inside we need by one drink them they will give you one hand line,So you can into find seat and waiting concert Start,I so enjoy music and dancing have five young girls say hello to me,And say me can take picture together i answer of course,They ask me some question why you can Serbia Are you scared virus,Hahaha answer they. We continue dancing and jump so happy.

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    1. Patrik Taylor Post author :


  1. Lvtu :

    So the beautiful girl is your girl friend?

    1. Patrik Taylor Post author :

      Yes,They are is my girl friends,They so young study hight school.Have five girls. Hahahh

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