Yesterday I went to Tarzan Plaza Progar coffee shop at Ada bb. ⛱️☕️

Before i find some house internet,I think almost love Serbia this life rhythm,I want buy a house here nearly river and quite have a big place,I can drive car 30 minuter distance to shopping center,I copy address internet make google map and go,I think there is Belgrade countryside but driving car feel so better,Very empty on both sides of the kilometer.

I listening music so enjoy driveding,Then after I drove for 2-3 kilometers, there was no rain, and after a few kilometers there was the sun. Serbia is really an interesting country.Them i find maps got that house i thinking and i feeling,Nearly 1 kilometers i find Ada bb Tarzan Plaza Progar coffee shop,Here also some before it was cloudy when I first came here, and then it was very sunny,But i love here have one girl come ask me need some help,I take that girl i want a Cappuccino and a bottle Coca Cola,I think she just know a little English,Afret she come give me one Cappuccino I try speak Serbia take her i need another Coca Cola and ice,She laughed, and then she told me that she didn’t speak English well, but fortunately I learned some Serbian language.☕️

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  1. Lvtu :

    What a enjoy …

    1. Patrik Taylor Post author :

      Thank you so much dude..

    1. Patrik Taylor Post author :

      这就是典型的外国生活,他们喜欢周六日到乡下和家人朋友度假⛱️ 😎 在这边慢慢的自己也会喜欢.

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