Very special Serbian restaurant SavaSava 🍂 ☕️

I remember why get this coffee shop,I come Serbia change some App now often use instagram, Not play facebook somethings play WeChat.Have one time i got a Serbia guitar singer she singing nice.Look you always see she smile😊🎸.

塞尔维亚 人气吉他手

I saw she write coffee address and location,Frist time I try find this shop but it’s difficult,This restaurant is by the river and there are woods beside it. You must look for it in the woods.I try find three time after i did it,I find this shop they close,I sent messages to Ins they say I’m sorry today we close early because this time so cloud,I just come back home.Waiting some days I get singer writing today come,She wrote on the ins that she will come back to the restaurant to sing today, so I came to the riverside and coffee early after I finished my work today, and listened to music after dinner.🎸I like the feeling of folk songs.

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    1. Patrik Taylor Post author :

      世界这么大!我多出去看看 😛

  1. Lvtu :

    Beautiful wood house

    1. Patrik Taylor Post author :

      Yes,Dude There are woods and rivers where many people yearn for 😛 😛

  2. 阿和 :

    风景真好,天鹅真厉害 😆

    1. Patrik Taylor Post author :

      这咖啡厅老板的业余兴趣,不图盈利。真懂生活,我坐在河边喝咖啡,他们在钓鱼然后我就过去聊天,看见天鹅轻功水上漂就被我无意抓拍了。 😎

      1. 阿和 :


        1. Patrik Taylor Post author :

          这边本地人都塞尔维亚语,但是大部分人都会用英语。 算比较普及了

  3. 伯正博客 :


    1. Patrik Taylor Post author :

      很高兴能给你带来好心情,感谢您的欣赏和光顾哈。 😮

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