First time to this castle Golubac Fortress 🏯🐦

I stayed at home for a long time, and I wanted to find a place to relax. It happened that I was going back to China in a few days. This time I wanted to take the family to play together, but after thinking about it, I drove too far for two or three hours, so I followed the navigation all the way. I really don’t know if I went the wrong way when I came here.

I heard a beautiful woman in the gym introduced that she was very beautiful. She just set off when we were in bed that day. She drove for more than two hours and spent most of the time walking on the mountain road. It happened that Brother Wu in Putian also went there on the day I went. Met at the parking lot.The scenery is indeed very good, the history is very long, stop and go slowly to learn a lot of humanities. My thinking and knowledge have also expanded a lot, and many times I really need to experience it firsthand.

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