The water on Ada Island is so clean that you see stones🏖️

The first time we came to Ada Island was riding a bicycle on the opposite side of the Sava River. Then we saw a boat that could directly come to Ada Island. We came to see it in about 5 minutes, and it took about 200 meters to see the forest. Go to the large stone swimming pool inside and swim another 200 meters to get to the opposite bank.

I was fascinated the first time I came here, it was so beautiful lying on a beach chair basking in the sun and breathing the fresh air. If you’re tired from reading, you can swim for a while and you can see the fish, and you can see the seaweed if you swim a few meters inside.In the rest of the time, I would often come here alone to read a book for a long time in a daze. It was really comfortable.🏖️🏊‍♀️📖

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