СаваСава concept very nice cafe.☕️

When I came to this cafe for the first time, I was misled by the navigation. I drove the car around 7 o’clock that night. The navigation took me into the gypsy ghetto. In fact, I was a little scared to enter the Gypsy site by myself. Yes, but after all, boxing for about a year is a bit comforting.

Go around the main road behind, and then enter the restaurant on the edge of the Sava River. It’s always like this. I always like to find some remote and quiet places. It’s very difficult to find. I followed the navigation and searched for 2-3 times. The road was over, and I returned to my heart without success for the first time.The second time was during the day. At this time, the light would be a lot awake and I went back and forth two times. I finally found out that it was closed during the day, and there were fixed hours for business and singers to sing.This place is actually opposite Ada Island, in a secluded grove on the edge of the Sava River, and I will come here from time to time to read a book in a daze.☕️

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