Everyday study in library

If many people need study of course I am also,Today wake up so early almost five o’clock see my watch is five o’clock,Than go back still sleeping,Remember before until take dream,Yep I don’t  remember take it,Shut my eyes still sleeping to eight o’clock this really get up now,Wear clothes take face and tooth go outside leave my dorm go to north gate in to school had breakfast and go to library at nice o’clock,This morning watching some teach tennis movie and American film and writing a few clothes paper never over.Sometimes but I really don’t know want do something, Have some lost I don’t know why is it?But I don’t like it this feeling,I need changer my ideal and my life.Maybe more go out walking and often go sports,Don’t things and understand things as long as you are take it I think all things will changer nice.At the way you can learning some interesting things yep this is life everyone need life,Don’t fear to face everything.Someone talk me study will changer your life,But I know maybe someone do it maybe someone still not changer. 

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