This year fist go to swimming

Today morning is so hot have a few want to swimming,Feeling is nice and so cool fact say  I am study swimming had tow years ago,So only a little swim maybe I am is so cute and little stupid,yep I know it.I am so fear water still life nearly sea,Everyone say me life in sea don’t think so,Fast go to swimming drink some water after flu,Just is me a little dream I feeling is so hard for swimming,More  times study swimming slowly learning,I think future I can have a nice swimming games,Cheer up!Come on man!Yesterday I want to nearly garden swimming Just time down heavy rain,I hate raining But I don’t know why sometimes so hot a few minute heavy rain just in Guangzhou,It’s June I really don’t know why everyday down rain,This weather everybody don’t like,I think maybe peoples need learning be suited to life,I can’t changer weather and I can changer myself,If your don’t like this city and you can changer it,Don’t hate it.Alright go back swim lol, But now I don’t fear water.

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