Yesterday with my girlfriend watch Indian films

Before she call me want go to cinema watch Indian make film name 《Dangal》,Talk me nice film this day I at Guangzhou city and she at Zhongshan city, After call me agin what are you doing?I ask nothing she say if you have free time come Zhongshan city together go cinema whaching film,I answer alright I’m coming,And she say tomorrow with me go back Guangzhou  she classmate invite finish school take photo,I go back dorm got schoolbag by train to Zhongshan city,We meeting and eating after got DiDi drive to cinema this time just right,We excited  set watching,Yeap I also like this films really nice films.

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  1. Melati :

    What genre in Indian’s movies which you like the most? Kuch Kuch Hotae is the one for me.

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