What a day!

Today I don’t know why so unhappy?Feeling all world don’t friendly,Still wake up so early and same yesterday in to school had breakfast go to library study,At the moment my design friends call me go out see clothes that times I just feeling so bed really unhappy,But I don’t know why will this spend a few minute I answer all right,What time go out?Him say about 10:30,Than my another friends meet me in library,I ask he are you want together we go out see clothes,He answer nop, Than I go back my dorm changer my bag and go out walking some roads arrived bus station waiting some minutes,I catch bus seat down nearly window so many seat and so cold,About 30 minute arrived my friends bus station meeting my friends,Go to shop get a bottle water go back station up the 864 number bus to railway station.Why are you don’t changer ideal sure want still before ideal maybe have a little changer ideal your life will so luck,Maybe something cheer up will successful,But not anything will successful,I before is it only me look sure things I will keep up don’t have abandon ideal,Grow up after maybe anythings all can keep up,Something don’t comfortable you keep up and something it’s ok.Sometimes you need learning changer life method need turn ideal and road,So life will don’t unhappy and so hard frame of mind.

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