In the past, miss, miss, ordinary, crazy, passionate, pursue, love.

An office worker, but I want to be a “literary and artistic youth” keen on writing, I want to record my life, I am afraid I will forget. Writing can make me quiet. I have a wish. If one day I am not at work, I would like to take a notebook and a camera to look at the outside world and record my life, so that I can remember me when I die. Youth has also been crazy. I would like to taste the ups and downs of this life.

————Be proud of this, and gradually plan, and never forget the original intention

In this world, we have met a group of friends or fell in love with a girl, we are happy or sad because of this, but there is one thing that is fairer than any of this, and that is experience. The various human affairs you have experienced, the joys and sorrows, feelings and thoughts you have produced because of these encounters are all your own, and even your closest person can’t experience it. This perception is the most precious treasure.

This site is not a gathering place for beautiful essays, nor is it a gathering place for beautiful pictures. This site is just a personal transcript of the blogger, with life insights and experience sharing. I hope that through these words, I can record all my time and growth.


Reading (enjoy the fullness of text)
Fitness (feeling full of power throughout the body)
Photography (in fact, there is no professionalism, but it is also really good to restore the scene)
Design (I am good at one item, unimaginable imagination, which brings me an indescribable sense of relaxation)
Travel (every trip is like re-experiencing life)
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