Serbian fishing time 🎣🇷🇸

Serbia fishing need go designated place or exam a fishing license,So i didn’t make fishing license,I find at my home nearly tow place,First place i think drive car about 25 minute need pay 500din,Second place i think need 40 minute pay 1000din.

only myself
Sorry fish
Today i fishing
I cook China foods

We almost will choose second place,First place feeling not too much fish in pond,Second place pond so bigger,If i want go fishing yesterday i will go fishing shop buy earthworms and small corn, Next day morning i will wake up about 5:00-6:00AM eat breakfast and go ,I will fishing to 11:30AM go back home,Be cause the sun is shining I don’t want my skin so black,I back home sent fish to my friends or my landlord,They will so happy i will try cook delicious food,Long time didn’t eat fish first time i cook Braised fish,Feeling so good.🎣

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  1. Lvtu :

    It seems delicious!!!

    1. Patrik Taylor Post author :

      You are right it really delicious lolol…

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